3 Alternative CBN Christmas Gift Ideas

By Fin Sheridan

Christmas is fast approaching! Whether you’re a Christmas shopping ninja and you’re just wrapping up the final few gifts or whether it’s still at least 28 days before you start thinking about what to get, it’s always worth pausing and asking “Why don’t we do something different this year?”.

For many of us, Christmas shopping – and telling others what we’d like for a gift – is quite tricky, simply because we have so much already! Of course, there’s always the newest gadget or trinket available, and sometimes Christmas is an opportunity to receive something that we really will use and really would like, but many times, we’re just getting stuff for the sake of stuff!

So, if you do want to do something different this year, we’ve got some great suggestions for you, here at CBN READ. There’s some good causes that could really put your money to better use, rather Uncle Billy getting another set of golf balls.

We’ve made Christmas shopping really easy!

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Our CBN Europe Christmas Campaign

Ukraine is having the coldest winter in 100 years, and the ongoing war has created widespread poverty. With winter temperatures dropping well below -10°C, this is proving fatal for those in the worst affected areas.

With your help, we can provide families with enough firewood to last the whole winter! A gift of £11 will mean provide firewood for a month, enabling people can warm their homes, cook food and sterilise water, giving them hope this Christmas time. To donate, simply click below!

Give A SuperGift

I’m sorry, whenever I talk about Superbook, I just have to add the word ‘super’ to everything. It’s superfun. See?! Anyway, why not consider visiting the Superbook Shop and grabbing some DVD’s for your family to learn about the Bible together? Or, you can help children all across the world hear about the gospel through Superbook, by giving to the Superbook Project! In 2016, there were a projected 187 million viewers in 93 countries who watched at least one episode of Superbook. None of that would be possible without the faithful giving of Superbook Partners!

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