3 October Decisions That It’s Not Too Late To Make

By Fin Sheridan

How is it already October?! In fact, not just October but double digits, 11 days into October with only 20 to go! It seems like only last month that we were talking new resolutions, the promise of a new year, the fresh smell of potential. But we are 281 days into 2017 now and, if you’re anything like me, life has got in the way of many of your good intentions..

Last week, I happened across a note in my notebook with 3 resolutions for this year. I have failed the first one, not yet completed the second and have no tangible progress on the third. That’s not to say this year has been a write-off, far from it. But it does say something about the big gap between a vision and its execution. Saying you’ll do something is not the same as doing it.

So, now we all feel a bit better about my lack of follow through, what about you? Were there things you swore off that have ended up happening? Perhaps habits you were so desperate to implement that have been little more than haphazard activities? Changes that felt so possible, now a far off memory. Well, thankfully, it’s never really too late to make a decision to change. Here’s just 3 decisions that you and I can make in October, to finish off this year well.

“The truth is that it is never too late to change or grow, no matter what day, month or year it is.”

The Decision of Devotion.

This is a wider goal than just ‘reading the Bible more’ and that’s intentional. Activities like prayer and Bible reading are really important and certainly should be happening but it’s the wider decision; the decision to live a life devoted to God that is more important. That will, and should, lead to practical behaviours but ultimately is a posture and correction of the heart and soul.

The Decision of Gratitude.

Our American friends will celebrate Thanksgiving next month but we can pip them to the post by simply adopting ‘an attitude of gratitude’ straight away. The benefits of gratitude are well documented and being thankful is always something we should seek to grow in.

The Decision of Change.

The truth is that it is never too late to change or grow, no matter what day, month or year it is. What is also true is that this change is often a choice: a concerted effort to shift our direction, focus, perspective, efforts and energies. When we commit to being people that change, we open entire realms of new and fresh possibilities!

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father