3 Pieces of Unspiritual Spiritual Advice

By Fin Sheridan

It’s a human tendency to overcomplicate things. We ignore Ockham’s Razor (which says that the simplest answer is the most likely) and we get all tangled up in all sorts of complex ideas. It’s normal – we all do it.

Christians have their own special version of this: we over-spiritualise things. Disregarding the grace of common sense, we get drawn to nonsense and hyper-spiritual silliness. No, you weren’t late because a demon of traffic slowed you down – you were late because you have poor time management and you didn’t set your alarm properly.

Don’t get me wrong – there is a spiritual world and God is constantly working in our lives. And we need to be spiritually minded and yes, we can thank Jesus for a parking space. That’s not where this is going.

“Disregarding the grace of common sense, we get drawn to nonsense and hyper-spiritual silliness.”

When it comes to advice, our hyper-spiritual tendencies really shine. Sensible people can suddenly give some of the worst advice, when it comes to divine matters. So, here’s some of the best “unspiritual spiritual advice” for you. It’s not complicated and it’ll really change your life!

“Take A Nap” This comes straight from Pastor Rick Warren. He says that “sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is to take a nap. Sounds good to me, Pastor Rick. See you in a few hours.

“Don’t Get Hangry” Like the Snickers advert says, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Actually, this one is also in the Bible too. In 1 Kings 19, an angel cooks for Elijah and encourages him to “Get up and eat because the journey is too much for you.” When we get hungry, we make worse decisions, we’re more irritable and less patient. Don’t underestimate the importance of eating well (and eating healthily). 

“Give it some time” Again and again, Scripture encourages us to “wait on the Lord”. What’s that saying? Well, it’s just a Bible way of saying we need to be patient. Not everything that we want, or that God has planned, happens immediately. Waiting on the Lord is part of trusting him. So, just give it some time.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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