3 Vital Truths To Remember This Christmas

By Fin Sheridan

It’s finally December! Christmas is upon us! Despite the shops putting up decorations from 1st November, now the celebrations can officially start to begin. Christmas trees will start going up. Shopping starts in earnest. Your calendar will suddenly become choc-a-block with carol services, rehearsals, parties and endless gatherings. We all end up eating a year’s worth of mincemeat in 4 weeks. Christmas is here.

All this fun does come with its fair share of stress though, right? Holiday season can suddenly mean we find ourselves stretched. Our finances take a battering. There never seems to be enough time. The impending pressure of hungry relatives descending begins to keep us up at night. All the kids have to be somewhere different, yet all at the same time. Christmas often doesn’t come easily or cheaply.

So, before the madness begins, we’re going to set you up with 3 vital truths to remember, this Christmas season. When the pressure hits, throw your mind right back onto these and you’ll be able to make it through!

“Christmas is not a performance, it’s a celebration.”

Truth 1: There Will Be Another Christmas

There’s an extraordinary pressure to make each Christmas better than the last. Bigger presents, better food, more excitement, etc etc. This is an exhausting and unnecessary burden. Just because the retailers and the businesses are all trying to outdo each other, doesn’t mean we have to join in. If this Christmas flops, then it flops. There truly is always next year.

Truth 2: Your Best Is Good Enough

You can only do what you can do. Who doesn’t wish they had an unlimited budget to treat their kids and loved ones, with all the time in the world, with a well stocked M&S fridge to feed everyone and anyone? Yet that’s almost certainly not the case (if that is you, please message me directly because I’d like to come to you for Christmas). You can only do what you can do. Your best is good enough. Christmas is not a performance, it’s a celebration.

Truth 3: It Really Is All About Jesus

The reason for the season right? The frenzy of festivities can mean we miss that this time of year is about one thing and one thing only: Jesus Christ has come. We seem to think that little baby Jesus isn’t able to handle our mess like grown up, Jan-Nov Jesus. Not so. He’s still waiting, offering us rest over stress. This Christmas, the best gift could be that you learn abiding over striving.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father