3 Ways To Help Grow Your Son’s Faith

By Fin Sheridan

Originally this blog was going to be about “3 Ways To Help Grow Your Child’s Faith”. But, and this is a groundbreaking revelation, boys and girls are different. In his infinite wisdom, God has made male and female in totally unique and different ways which means that our approach to raising them should be different.

In lots of ways, you try and treat your child the same way – the never ending battle to avoid showing preference or favouritism. But one size doesn’t fit all and, in a society that is ever more confused about gender and sexuality, recognising the beauty of gender difference is so important.

As Christian parents, we want our children to grow up with their own relationship with God. We want it to be a close, healthy relationship – just like we want their natural relationships to be. There are different things that we can do to encourage our children to grow in this faith. Sons can be encouraged in different ways to daughters. Hopefully, these suggestions will prove fruitful and helpful, for your little boy!

How do you help your son get to know Jesus? Let us know in the comments below!

Find Spiritual Male Role Models

Growing up, my dad did a really good job of showing us the importance of church, God and walking with Jesus. He wasn’t perfect but he tried – and I’m still reaping the benefits of that. He wasn’t alone though: my parents did a great job of pointing out other role models, particularly men and teens, in our church who I could look up. Even at a young age, a Christian male presence is a HUGE benefit to a young boy.

Bibles Are For Boys

The Bible is full of stories that little boys can relate to. Stories of heroes, stories of adventure, “goodies and baddies”, powerful miracles, excitement and danger. Even your quieter son can relate to characters there. Superbook is an excellent place to start, if you want great resources that your son get engage with.

Pray For Them – And With Them

“Thank you Jesus for a lovely day..” That was the opening prayer of me and my brothers for YEARS growing up. Even if we didn’t have a lovely day, we always opened our prayers like that. Whether it’s praying every night, or making sure you say grace before meals, exposing your son to prayer is really significant. It makes Jesus a present reality in your home, not just the person we go and visit at church. Starting small, with something like saying grace is an great place to begin.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father