4 Books That’ll Change Your Prayer Life

By Fin Sheridan

Regular readers of CBN READ (don’t snigger, I know there’s at least one of you) will remember that a mere 2 days ago, I said that the only way to develop in prayer is to pray and that ‘reading books, listening to sermons, asking advice will only take you so far when it comes to prayer.’ Whilst I stand by that, there certainly is nothing wrong with seeking help on how to pray.

With that in mind, we thought it’d be helpful to give some book recommendations about how to grow and enrich your prayer life. There’s a variety of styles and ideas here which means there’s something here for everyone!

Prayer – Experience Awe and Intimacy With God by Tim Keller.

Tim Keller has written so many brilliant books and this may be one of his finest. Ideal for someone wanting to grow in their prayer life, Keller writes clearly and practically whilst also continually using Scripture and wisdom to help you. You can buy his book here.

Power Through Prayer by EM Bounds.

This old, small book is a gem. Filled with powerful sentences that will make you stop and reflect, Bounds is a classic writer on prayer. This would be a great read for someone in any kind of ministry – from senior pastor to small group leader. You can pick it up here.

Got another book suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!

Red Moon Rising/Dirty Glory: Pete Greig

Time for a British author now and who better than Pete Greig, founder of the 24-7 Prayer Movement? Red Moon Rising tells the story of how the movement started and contains wonderful stories that will stir you to want to pray. You can buy Red Moon Rising here.

Dirty Glory is the follow up to Red Moon Rising but stands alone in its own right. With more stories of prayer and more of Pete’s authentic style, Dirty Glory is a soul stirrer! You can buy it here.

Prayer: Richard Foster

Last, but by no means least, is Richard Foster’s book simply titled ‘Prayer’. Those who have read his best known work ‘Celebration of Discipline’ will already be familiar with his warm style and thoughtful direction which make Prayer a pleasure to read. Prayer is accessible yet deep and will be a book that you can return to again and again. Buy Prayer here.

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