7 Challenging Quotes About Prayer

By Fin Sheridan

It’s impossible to have a relationship with a God that we never talk to. That’s why prayer is so important! When we pray, no matter what we’re saying, we’re connecting with God. So why do so many of us struggle to pray? There’s a whole host of reasons, some of which we’ve explored on CBN Read already. Today, we’ve decided to share some of our most inspiring and challenging quotes about prayer which will hopefully give you some additional motivation to pray!  

“Prayer is God’s plan to supply man’s great and continuous need with God’s great and continuous abundance.” – E.M. Bounds

“Oddly enough, many people struggle to pray because they are focusing on praying, not on God.”– Paul Miller

“The infallible test of spiritual integrity, Jesus says, is your private prayer life.” – Tim Keller

“What’s your favourite quote about prayer?”

“One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.” – John Piper

“Audacious faith is not passive. Neither is audacious prayer. Every aspiration you have in prayer needs an accompanying action. Otherwise you’re not really praying. You’re just pontificating. You do the natural. Trust God for the super.” – Steven Furtick

“I am convinced that prayer is not only our greatest privilege, but also our greatest source of power.” – Pete Greig

“The first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day is to have my soul happy in the Lord.” – George Muller

What’s your favourite quote or verse on prayer? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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