Are You An Armchair Festival Goer?

By Fin Sheridan

Every summer, the UK goes festival mad. For a country with pretty dire weather, there’s nothing British people love more than to set up camp in a field, take showers in concrete bunkers or tiny plastic cubicles and listen to their favourite bands. It’s not just music festivals either: pretty much anything has a festival these days. From cars to teddy bears, hats and hen racing – whatever your hobby, there’s a festival for it this summer!

Festivals take on a sacred quality because they tap into many of our deepest urges. The desire for community – check! The longing for meaningful experiences – check! Escape from the routine – check! Wearing gold face paint and eating Pringles and overpriced burgers for 3 days – check!

The biggest festivals are often broadcast on TV and many of us choose to sit and watch, from the grassless comfort of our lounges. Preferring an actual bed and a real toilet, we stay at home and watch other people watching bands and artists.

“Festivals take on a sacred quality because they tap into many of our deepest urges.”

It occurred to me, as I was watching Glastonbury last month, that I do this with more important things than music festivals. How many times do I watch others stepping out in faith, whilst I remain on the sofa? How often do I choose the imitation when the authentic is available? Am I a armchair festival goer in other areas of my life too?

This isn’t a rallying call to go to festivals (although there are some incredible ones out there, both Christian and non-Christian) but an encouragement to not just watch, but to experience. Don’t just watch someone else trust God; trust him in your life! Don’t just observe another sharing your faith; share yours! Life is a breath – fleeting yet full of opportunity. Don’t miss yours.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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