CBN: A Ministry of Prayer

By Fin Sheridan

CBN Europe is committed to be a ministry of prayer. Central to this commitment is our UK-based prayer centre where dedicated staff and volunteers receive daily calls from around the UK, mainland Europe and even Australia!

Whether it’s believing for financial breakthrough, the salvation of a loved one or something else entirely, we love standing together with callers to ask God to move on their behalf. Our prayer centre also take donations, connect callers with local churches in their areas and also regularly hear stories of how God has miraculously healed and transformed lives.

For a behind the scenes look at life in the prayer centre, check out this interview we recently did with Richard, one of the prayer team!

Everything we do at CBN is possible through prayer!

As well as a dedicated prayer team, CBN Europe staff and volunteers set time aside for devotions and for praying together every single day. In the media, Superbook and marketing offices, for example, we take it in terms to lead the teams through a devotion. Some people play videos, others share songs, have us all pitching in on activities and of course, we open God’s word and pray together. We also have regular prayer meetings for our partners and for people who have sent in prayer requests.

Prayer works – we really believe that! Everything that we do is covered through prayer; from filming videos to send out letters of encouragement to our partners. The power of life change comes through prayer!

You can call our prayer centre on 0300 561 0700. We’re open Monday-Friday, from 8-10am, 13.30 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 19.30. You can also message us on any of our social media channels: we’d love to hear from you!

Prince of Peace

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