Don’t Compare Your Destiny

By Fin Sheridan

One of the best parts about social media is being able to keep in touch with friends or family that live far away. If you’ve got a friend who has moved, the ability to enjoy their day alongside them, moment by moment, through tweets, snaps and pictures is a real gift.

It’s also one of the worst parts about social media. Because if that friend is constantly uploading memories and moments that you’re missing out on – or that make your life seem dull or boring in comparison, it’s all too easy to feel bitterness or resentment.

As you watch others fulfil their dreams, it’s easy to think “But what about me God?”.  Whilst you attend yet another wedding, trying to ignore the pangs of singledom, it’s hard not to ask “When is it my turn, Lord?”. After another negative pregnancy test, seeing your friends 100th baby picture can be too much for an aching heart to handle.

“Nothing chokes gratitude for God’s plans like comparison.”

Exacerbated by social media, it’s not an 21st century problem. In John 21, Peter experiences the exact same feeling. After Jesus has forgiven and restored him, Peter can’t help but ask him about John’s future. You get the feeling that it’s not the first time that Peter has wondered “What is John going to do?”. This time though, he airs his question and asks Jesus “But Lord, what about him?”

Jesus doesn’t answer his question but just replies: “What is it to you? You follow me!”. God has gifted us with our own race; our own calling and our own purposes. Nothing chokes gratitude for those plans like comparison.

The destiny that God has prepared for you will look different to everyone else’s. You may have to wait longer than others. You might have to watch friends and family fulfilling their calling whilst you feel like you’re waiting on the sidelines. No matter what the situation, Jesus’ response is the same as it was to Peter: “You just follow me.” That’s the only path worth following.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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