Interview with Charmaine, Marketing Assistant

By Fin Sheridan

Another staff interview!? Oh yes- and this one is a treat for you. We periodically do interviews with staff members, to help you get a behind the scenes look at what life is like here at CBN Europe! We recently hired a bunch of new staff so keep your eyes peeled for some fresh new faces coming soon on CBN READ!

We chatted to Charmaine, our new Marketing Assistant to find out about her role here at CBN!

Charmaine, how are you? Having a good day?

Very well thanks, having a great day!

You’re a fews weeks into this job, what’s your impression of life at CBN Europe?

This is actually my 4th week into my new role but I have worked for CBN Europe before. It’s very friendly and incredibly God-centered. We have lots of time as a team to pray, devote ourselves and seek God on what He wants for us individually, as departments and corporately.

Wait, you’ve worked here before?

Yes, I have! I started working for CBN Europe in the Prayer Centre when it opened in Hereford 4 and a half years ago! My role then transitioned into Superbook Coordinator, then Superbook Administrator then Office Administrator! Then I took a short break before returning in my new capacity.

“We strive to keep God at the centre of everything that we do and of who we are.”

What is it that makes CBN different from other organisations?

As I said earlier, it is incredibly God-centred. I have never worked for an organisation that wants to keep the main thing the main thing so much. We strive to keep God at the centre of everything that we do and of who we are.

What are you most excited about working on, at the moment?

Our Christmas project! I am super excited about this as I love Christmas anyway but to work on making Christmas great for everyone this year is really exciting!

How can people get involved with what you’re doing?

Our main need here at CBN Europe is partnership. It costs money to reach out to people with the Gospel and the more resource we have, the greater chance we have of reaching more and more people for Jesus. However, partnership isn’t the only way people can get involved. You can pray for us and spread the word, as well as supporting what we do financially.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father