Interview with Christine, CBN Europe Communications Team

By Fin Sheridan

To help you get to know the faces behind the ministry, CBN READ has been sitting down with the people who serve here at CBN Europe. We caught up with Christine to find out what her job is!

So Christine, what’s your role here?

I work for the Communications Team with Paula. I manage our social media, I edit articles and produce campaigns to inspire and connect with our partners.

Communications eh? That sounds glamorous! How did you get into that?

Haha, it is! I studied Marketing and Journalism in Cape Town, SA then moved to the UK and interned at a magazine. Eventually, I wound up here at CBN Europe and it’s been a really exciting adventure.

What’s your favourite part about working here?

Well, there’s always sweets in the office: if I haven’t brought some in, then you can bet that someone else has! Seriously though, I love engagement. When we receive an email, a comment, a message, even a like, it’s rewarding. It’s amazing to hear about life change, through what we’re doing.

When you partner with us, you’re resourcing the gospel to land right into someone’s hand or phone.”

Okay, so here’s a communications related test. What’s the vision statement for CBN Europe?

*puts head in hands* Ermmmmm. Okay, I know this…. Making Jesus known in every household in the UK and Europe… Is that right? It’s something like that… Along those lines…

I dunno, you’re the Communications person. I think that’s it.

Please don’t write this down.

Too late. Finally, why would you encourage someone to get involved with CBN?

Oooo there’s so many reasons. Well, why wouldn’t you? Through your partnership, we are able to impact the entire world. It’s boundless because of the internet and TV. When you partner with us, you’re resourcing the gospel to land right into someone’s hand or phone. What an opportunity!

Why not join with us in partnership? Join hands with us today by clicking the partner button below, visiting or by calling us on 0300 561 0700.

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