Interview with David, CBN Europe Producer

By Fin Sheridan

To help you get to know the faces behind the ministry, CBN READ has been sitting down with the people who serve here at CBN Europe. We caught up with David, the CBN Europe Producer to find out what he and his team have been up to!

Morning David! So tell us, what’s your role for CBN Europe?

I oversee production here in the UK; creating schedules, working with the team to make new ideas to make content and preparing and planning for our UK studio. I also research testimonies and help look for stories of how lives are being changed in the UK, through CBN Europe.

Ooo a UK studio! That sounds exciting. Tell us more!

We really believe that the best way that CBN can impact lives here in the UK is through indigenous content. Our vision, for the UK office, is to complete our studio so that we can start creating relevant new shows for a range of audiences across the country.

Indigenous is a fancy word. I can see why you’re the producer.

Yes, I’m extremely smart.

How long have you been with CBN?

I’ve worked here for over 4 years. I’m our 3rd longest-serving staff member!

“Some of us live in constant anxiety and dread, with an expectation of things going wrong in the worst possible way.”

What’s the best bit about working for CBN?

Being able to use the gifts and talents we have to grow God’s kingdom. I love hearing stories and feedback about people whose lives are impacted by the media we create.

Jump back to the UK studio for a second. How can people get involved with that?

We have 2 major needs. The biggest need we have right now is for stories. We are actively looking for people who have a testimony (Check out “Let Me Tell You A Story…” to find out more!)

Our other need is for the finances. We are praying for partners who feel called to specifically partner with us in order to help resource the media ministry. If that’s something that you feel called towards, then we’d love to hear from you!

Join hands with us today by clicking the partner button below, visiting or by calling us on 0300 561 0700. By joining hands with us, you can invest in UK media content and our new TV studio!

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