Interview with Milly, Superbook Coordinator

By Fin Sheridan

Hello Milly! So tell us, what is your role here at CBN Europe?

I’m the Superbook Coordinator for the UK. My job involves keeping up with project members, launching resources like Superbook Academy, our church curriculum and also our brand new resource Superbook Schools, a completely free resource for teachers!

Okay, so maybe we should’ve asked this first: what exactly is Superbook?

Superbook is an animated TV series, based in the future, where 2 children and their robot travel back into Bible stories. This helps them learn valuable lessons which enables them resolve their everyday issues.

Sounds brilliant. What’s your favourite episode?

Oh gosh, I love them all…. I think “Miracles of Jesus”. I just love how Jesus looks at the demon possessed man, with such love and compassion. It makes me realise how Jesus thinks about me..

Demons?! I thought this was a kids show!

Well, yes but remember, the Bible is filled with stories of the real world and sometimes that’s scary. But I think it’s important that we don’t shy away from that. If we pretend that the world isn’t scary, or that bad things don’t happen, we can’t fully tell the story of how Jesus triumphs over those things.

“To get more involved visit!”

Fair point. So, what impact is Superbook having?

It’s aired globally, so everyday, across the world, children will watch the gospel and respond to it in someway. That’s massive. Here in the UK, we’ve been focussing on impacting families and it’s been instrumental in helping children pray, growing good relationships with parents, etc. In this next season, we’re going to branch out wider into impacting churches and schools and we’re really excited about it!

Why is teaching children so important to you?

Because giving children the chance to fall in love with the Bible, and the God of the Bible, will set them up for life. Whether that is a smooth path, or they go on some detours, they’ll always remember the foundations that Superbook helped put in place.

That’s amazing. Finally, how can people get involved? I’m sure they’ll want to!

The best way is to visit our website: and go from there. Our team would also love to speak with you, by email or on the phone, and finally, connect with us on Facebook too!

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