Interview with Rich, Prayer Centre Coordinator

By Fin Sheridan

To help you get to know the faces behind the ministry, CBN READ has been sitting down with the people who serve here at CBN Europe. We caught up with Richard, the Prayer Ministry Team Leader to find out what life is like for him, leading the CBN Prayer Team.

What’s your role here at CBN? My official role is Prayer Team Coordinator which means leading the team of staff that we have to pray with and for our partners. There’s a bit of admin with that; rotas, etc but I also spend time caring for the team in order that we can care for the callers and partners.

Here’s the question that everyone is asking: Is it weird praying for a living? The short answer is “yes”. It is strange sometimes. It’s also a lot harder than it sounds because you have the responsibility of engaging with someone in a real life situation. You have to turn off your preconceptions, your feelings, your “day” and engage with what God wants to do with someone. Multiply that by lots and lots of calls and it definitely affects you.

The most important thing that I try and teach the team is that we want whoever rings us up to have encounter with God not us and that’s quite a significant thing to steward.

You can call us today on 0300 561 0700!

Ah, so do only the perfect Christians work on the prayer line? Yes. Absolutely.

Haha, I’m 90% sure you’re joking… So, what’s the most encouraging part of working here at CBN? We have an incredible team across all departments and it’s amazing to work with so many people that are filled with faith. I love them!

What should people do if they want prayer? Just pick up the phone and call us! We are open Mon-Friday, 8am until 8pm. On Saturdays, you can call us from 8-12.30pm. We’d love to hear from you!

Perfect. Finally, you’re looking so good! What’s your secret? Spinach and eggs for every meal (and I mean every meal), constantly being hungry and a good beard comb!

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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