It’s Time To Change Your Church

By Fin Sheridan

It’s time to change your church! Okay, so maybe the title is slightly deceptive; this isn’t going to be about leaving or changing which church you belong to. But I wonder; what was your reaction when you read the title? Did skepticism rise? – “Huh, that’ll be the day!”. Did a flicker of hope run through your mind? Change and church might not be two words that you necessarily associate with one another.

Human beings naturally create routines. Whether you love your routine, or whether you get restless easily and like to change it up, there will be things that you do because you’ve always done them that way. You take the same route to work. You probably do the same things, in the same order, most mornings. Even if your life is filled with spontaneous adventure and excitement, you’ll still have something that you do day in, day out.

“When it comes to church, our familiarity with the whole thing can be a barrier to us truly experiencing all that God may have for us.”

We do the same with our spiritual lives; and this can be extremely helpful. Waking up, getting a coffee, and sitting in the same place to meet with God before the events of the day is a practice often strengthened by structure. Discipline and routine can be very very good things. When it comes to church though, our familiarity with the whole thing can be a barrier to us truly experiencing all that God may have for us.

Do you sit in the same seat, or area? Perhaps changing for a week or two would bring a breath of freshness to your Sunday morning or evening. Are you always late, walking in during the first song? Imagine how much more relaxed and attentive you could be if you were in your seat, ready to go, with a couple of minutes to spare. Do you always rush off? Why not talk to someone you’ve never talked to before, stay around for a cup of coffee?

These are seemingly insignificant things but when you’ve been at the same church for years, they can bring a change of perspective or even a change of experience. Who knows, you might even connect with God differently!

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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