Lessons From The Car Wash

By Allen Carter

I recently took my car to the car wash. I had been to this car wash on several occasions, but today I observed something that I had never seen before. While the man was washing my car, I stood outside and watched him, but it wasn’t his work that caught my attention it was what was going on around him. Let me explain…

There were lots of hoses, buckets & cleaning materials, including a pressure washer which he was using but the thing that caught my eye was two water containers which were to the side. I had always thought that these containers were something which were delivered to allow the car wash to have enough water. However, I was wrong.

As the man continued to wash my car, I noticed that there was water overflowing and pouring out of the top of the container. What I hadn’t realised that, by my feet, was a hose pipe that was connected to a tap with water was flowing freely into the container. As the man was preoccupied by washing my car, he was unaware that the water was still on and the container was overflowing. I told the man, he turned the tap off and thanked me.

We began chatting about what happens in the winter months when there are a frost and the tap and the hose pipe freezes. He told me that when this happens, they would boil a couple of kettles and pour hot boiling water to defrost the tap.

“There is never a source or supply issue, it’s the loss of connection that cuts off the flow.”

It wasn’t until afterwards as I thought about this situation that I felt as though God spoke to me using this analogy.

The Holy Spirit is the water, and we are the hose pipe that God wants to use to transfer his fresh living water to those around. There is never a source or supply issue, it’s the loss of connection that cuts off the flow. God wants to continually allow the fresh living water to flow into our lives until we overflow into the lives of those around us.

However, there are times when, through the circumstances of life, our hearts can become callous and cold which can restrict the flow of what he wants to do in and through us. We all have a responsibility for ensuring that we remain connected to the source and learn to adapt to the different seasons of our lives.

In my life, I want to remain connected to the source. I want the fresh living water to flow continually through the conduit or hose pipe of my life. If my heart becomes callous or cold, I want to be willing to allow the Father to defrost my hard heart and give me a heart that is soft, pliable and open to be led by him, wherever he wants to flow.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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