New Research Shows A Prime Opportunity To Reach Men

By Fin Sheridan

A study into British men, conducted by Harry’s and University College London, reveal some surprising results – and perhaps show a turn towards more traditional aspects of masculinity. You can read the full report here but some of the key findings show:

  • Qualities like ‘honest’, ‘reliable’ and ‘loyal’ are more desirable than being ‘athletic’ or ‘fit’.
  • Married men reportedly have the most positive mindset.
  • Men value education, friendships and romance most highly, over work and sport.

British men can be portrayed as ‘laddish’, image obsessed and detached whilst constantly moving from one night stand, to one night stand. These findings suggest that actually, many men want stable, meaningful relationships and integrity with their character more than anything else.

“Jesus demonstrates that real men are both tough and tender; full of compassion yet able to do what is right without flinching.”

For men, this demonstrates a return to our original design, our God-formed image of masculinity. Manhood is undergoing a crisis, both inside and outside the church. As more and more young men grow up without a father figure, many men have lost their example for what it means to be a man. It seems that, despite this, the longing for relationships, for wholeness and for true masculinity is too deeply ingrained to be lost forever.

Of course, as Christians, we know that these are results of what God has placed inside the hearts of men. Genesis shows us that “it is not good for man to be alone”. Jesus demonstrates that real men are both tough and tender; full of compassion yet able to do what is right without flinching. Paul’s letters encourage men to grow up, to be those who will take responsibility for themselves and for those around them.

Churches, small groups and Christian organisations should continue to look for ways to encourage this within men, young and old. Research shows that, when the man of the house chooses to follow God, the rest of the family is significantly more likely to follow their lead. If the men in our nation truly are seeking for these things, then we, as Christian men, have an opportunity to show how, through following Jesus, the cries of a man’s heart can be truly answered and satisfied.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father