Superbook Review: ‘Peter and Cornelius’

By Fin Sheridan

Last week, I was privileged enough to watch ‘Peter and Cornelius’, one of the newest Superbook episodes. It’s not yet available to the general public but is exclusive to Superbook Project Members and if that isn’t incentive to join, I don’t know what is.

In the episode, Chris is on a last chance. If he’s late to school again, he’ll get reported to the office. The episode begins with Chris running into the hall monitor and some nasty words are said. Superbook then takes Chris, Joy, Gizmo and the hall monitor back to first century Israel.

There, they meet the Apostle Peter and Cornelius, a Roman army officer – two very different men with little in common until they both have amazing visions from the Lord. The episode goes on to explore how God’s salvation is for everyone in classic Superbook fashion – biblically accurate and highly entertaining.

“The Gospel breaks down all barriers. Is there a more needed message right now?”

What was so striking about this episode was how timely it is. Based from Acts 10, it’s a story about how the Gospel breaks down racial and cultural barriers. Is there a more needed message right now?! Every day, our news and social media feeds are filled with stories and accounts of race against race, nation set against nation.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most unifying force in the world. It transcends cultures, races, gender and class. Celebrating diversity whilst creating unity, the Gospel gives us a powerful and profound way to treat those who are not like us. Heaven is filled with people of every “tribe, nation and tongue”. It will be a racist’s nightmare – if indeed any racist makes it there.   

Following Jesus gives us a framework of how we treat one another – and it’s revolutionary. Peter and Chris both learnt that in this Superbook episode. It’s a lesson that the church – young AND old need to learn. It’s a lesson that the world needs to hear.

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