Support The Victims of Harvey Through CBN

By Fin Sheridan

15-20 trillion gallons. That’s how much water forecasters estimate Hurricane Harvey dumped across Texas, much of it in the Houston area. In the wake of the worst natural disaster to hit the USA, disaster relief organisations, churches, the government and ordinary citizens are all working around the clock to offer shelter, food and care to the thousands of people displaced from their homes.

CBN’s Operation Blessing Disaster Relief Fund is right there in the midst, partnering with local churches and mobilising to:

  • Bring drinking water and relief supplies to several hard hit areas.
  • Provide tools and supplies to local churches to help support their communities
  • Provide portable cribs to a mega shelter for Houston evacuees.

Operation Blessing is committed to showing the love of Jesus in practical ways and you can be a part of that through prayer but also through financial giving.

You can give directly to the work that is happening there through calling our prayer centre on 0300 561 0700, by clicking on the donate button below or by visiting and selecting ‘Disaster Relief – Hurricane Harvey’.

For more information about how CBN is serving the victims of Hurricane Harvey, you can check out this news report.

To find out more about the work of Operation Blessing worldwide, visit

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