The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like A Policeman Dancing With Children

By Fin Sheridan

With the news of the latest London terrorist attack still fresh in everyone’s ears, the One Love Manchester concert, organised as a benefit concert in the wake of the Manchester attack became even more significant.

Many have commented on why it was an Ariana Grande concert that was targeted – her lyrics, style and outfits are typical of modern pop culture, fully enjoying the freedoms of expression afforded to her. There was something unexpectedly poignant then, about the power of a pop concert, dedicated to one attack, happening the day after another. Terrorists want to stop dancing and singing? Okay, then we shall dance and sing all the more.

The One Love concert had many powerful moments, including Justin Bieber offering a little gospel message. Whilst that was happening, there was a cut to an image that also demonstrated something biblical: a policeman spinning and dancing with some children in a circle. 

Throughout the Bible, we get glimpses of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. Lions lying down with lambs. Swords and weapons of war repurposed into tools of peace. Little children leading us to Jesus. Culture flipped upside down.

This image felt a little bit like that. It’s tough to be a policeman. There’s not much time for dancing. You come face to face with the most broken parts of our world every day. Who knows what that policeman has had to do, what he has seen, in the line of duty? It’s a serious role and a heavy responsibility.

Yet in that moment, that policeman did one of the simplest and most powerful things he might ever do. He took the hands of 2 children and span round in a circle. Because that’s what the Kingdom of Heaven will be like and that’s the Kingdom that every human being was born to live in. Lions lying down with lambs. Swords and weapons of war repurposed into tools of peace. And law enforcement dancing with children.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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