The Sacred Space of Saturday

By Fin Sheridan

Day 2 of the Easter Weekend: Saturday. It often feels slightly out of place. Thursday – the Last Supper. Good Friday – the day that Jesus dies. Easter Sunday – the resurrection celebration. But what about Saturday? What significance does this middle day hold? Why does the in-between bit matter?

Easter Saturday is traditionally referred to as “Holy Saturday” which is oddly reassuring. The Saturday is when Jesus is dead. Hope has not appeared yet. It appears like evil has won. And yet, even in that space and moment, we can find something “holy”. There’s sacred to be found in the space of Saturday.

Holy Saturday reminds us that suffering is a very real part of the human story. We don’t yet exist in the perfection of the new world that God is making. We live in a world where there is confusion, chaos, despair and sadness. Ignoring those things doesn’t change their reality. In fact, until we acknowledge them, we cannot begin to move through them.

“We don’t yet exist in the perfection of the new world that God is making.”

Psalm 23 promises us that life with God is to be beside “green pastures and still waters”. However, the next verse talks about being “in the valley of the shadow of death”. And that’s exactly what Holy Saturday represents. It’s not Resurrection Sunday. We’re sat in the shadow of death. And yet, even there, we can find peace. Even there, God provides for us. Even in our mess and our sin and our doubt, his goodness and mercy can be found.

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Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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