What would you eat for your Last Supper?

By Fin Sheridan

Today is Maundy Thursday (they definitely should’ve come up with a better name) – the day that Christians remember Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. It was his last meal with them before Judas betrayed them, before the Easter moments began rolling towards Calvary Hill.

I don’t want to seem like I’m making light of this occasion but what would you choose for your last meal with your friends? I have a rule for when I eat out – I order something that I can’t/won’t cook at home. Since I’m an average-at-best cook, this normally frees up most of the menu. I have a bit of a reputation for always managing to choose the most expensive thing on the menu too.

For my last supper, I’d be going all-in – multiple courses, a couple of bottles of red wine, several dessert options and I’d be in charge of the entertainment too. It’d be my favourite meals, my favourite music and my choice of venue.

It shows the difference between me and Jesus doesn’t it? On the one occasion that you’d think he’d serve himself (after all, he was about to endure unimaginable suffering), he spends the evening washing feet and serving the disciples. He breaks bread and wine to show them that he will always be with them.

“What would you choose for your last meal with your friends?”

You can imagine his eyes, scanning the room, enjoying the company of those “he now calls friends”. You can hear the laughter and the familiarity of the disciples, making jokes, laughing at stories of what they’ve seen. You can see Peter, loud and boisterous. Judas, oddly quiet in the corner. You can imagine Jesus, loving these men, loving them for what they’ve been through and loving them, even though they are about to deny him.

The Last Supper teaches us a lot but I think one of the most profound lessons it shows us is that Jesus wants a very simple relationship with us. He could’ve spent his last night healing or performing miracles or squeezing in another Beatitudes session. But he chose to sit with those that he loved and share a meal with them. How simple yet so significant! This Easter weekend, maybe make time for the simple moments with God. Take a moment, take a breath. Enjoy his presence. Relax in his company. Listen to his voice.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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