When Bono Met Eugene

By Fin Sheridan

Ever heard of Bono? There’s very few people who haven’t. Never without sunglasses, the U2 frontman is one of the most recognisable faces in the world. U2 have released 13 studio albums and have sold over 170 million records, with multiple worldwide sellout tours.

Eugene Peterson, pastor and author, best known for ‘The Message’ version of the Bible hadn’t. He didn’t know who Bono was, he didn’t know U2 and he certainly wasn’t aware of their worldwide dominance of music.

So, when a student told him that Bono was talking about him in Rolling Stone, he didn’t know what that meant. What unfolded next was a friendship and relationship that has real depth. Last year, Fuller Seminary went to Peterson’s house in Montana (which will give you serious house envy) and filmed a conversation between the two, all about the Psalms and what they mean. Profound, funny and inspiring, you’ll view both the music of U2 and the Psalms in a different way, after watching this!

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