When Your Best Friend Gets A New Leg

By Fin Sheridan

In the age of bad news, scary news and #fakenews, a bit of good news is incredibly welcome and this video is a real heart warmer. Seven year old Anu is showing her friends her new prosthetic leg. As she confidently walks into the playground, the other children gather to admire it. A couple of the girls hug her. They then run around together, clearly thrilled that their friend can walk and sprint with them. It’s a beautiful 29 seconds.

There are several things that make this video so impacting. Anu’s confidence as she strides into the playground is worth noting. Her head is high. You can almost feel the smile from the screen. This is her time. Her moment. In a culture that piles immense pressure on little boys and girls, it’s a welcome sight.

“Jesus wasn’t wrong when he told us we needed to become more like little children.”

The joy that her friends and classmates have is also palpable. Anu’s leg was amputated shortly after birth. This new leg allows her to run and dance; essential activities for a young girl. There’s a shared delight that reminds us of the innocence of children. We live in a cut throat culture, the rat race turning us into, well, rats. We struggle to celebrate other’s strengths for fear that they’ll use them to exploit our weaknesses. There’s no hint of that in these moments – just simple ecstasy that their friend can join in.

Jesus wasn’t wrong when he told us we needed to become more like little children. What would it be like if we stopping trying to get ahead and started delighting in the progress of others? What if we exchanged selfishness for celebration? What if we ran around the playground of life, laughing and skipping with one another because someone else did well? What if we became like a child?

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