By Fin Sheridan

This month, United (aka Hillsong United) released their newest offering ‘Wonder’. It’s their 5th studio album, following the acclaimed ‘Empires’ which marked a new feel and arrival for the band. ‘Wonder’ feels like the logical next step after ‘Empires’; the sound is more developed, the direction more established.

Unlike the main Hillsong Worship albums, United aren’t writing congregational songs – unless you’re a Hillsong church or one with similar capabilities. These are songs for the car, for the kitchen, for the individual. With this in mind, they have much more space for creativity; melody, sound and the layout can be explored differently and that’s exactly what United do with ‘Wonder’.

Wonder couples the big sounds of bands like Arcade Fire with the zany pop melody of early Katy Perry and yet somehow retains the unmistakable thumbprint of being a United album. Lyrically, this is as strong as anything they’ve ever done. They steer well clear of cliche, finding new ways to portray ancient themes.

Have you ever seen the Wonder?

Lyrical Highlights:

“Fear is just a liar running out of breath” – Not Today

“Don’t let me say it’s faith if it counts no cost ‘Cause there’s no fear in love but there is a cross. Love will never die but there is a cross.” – Greatest Of These

“Take this wineskin. My spirit bursts for something new” – Water to Wine

Standout Tracks:

  • So Will I (100 Billion X)
  • Glimmer In The Dust
  • Not Today

Wonder is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and anywhere else you choose to buy your music from! It’s well written, catchy and above all, glorifies God in a fresh and exciting way. Get it!

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