Your Boring Life Isn’t Boring

By Fin Sheridan

My sister-in-law recently came to visit the UK for the first time. She stayed for a week and my wife had planned a strict itinerary. We had a schedule filled with fun things to do; places of interest, some good restaurants, little day trips that we were sure she’d enjoy. For the record, I’m fairly sure she did and I’d also like the record to show that my wife planned everything perfectly (It’s very important that I publicly acknowledge this).

What struck me though was seeing familiar places through new eyes. From crossing-the-road-wherever-it-is-easiest, which is illegal in the USA, the quirks of British service stations, the sheer amount of sheep (seriously, they’re everywhere) or the hundreds of little normal things that you and I say, see or experience everyday, it is the normal things that are most interesting.

Britain is a beautiful little island: lush green fields, ancient and craggy castles, romantic stately homes and rolling hills. As we drove from place to place, I found myself looking with fresh appreciation at the places I barely notice most of the time.

“For many of us, we just need to look at our normal lives with fresh eyes.”

We’re creatures of attention: by choosing what to focus on, what is most important, our brain protects us from melting down from the sheer overload of information that we have to process in any given second. The flip side of this is that we can miss the beauty of the normal.

This trap is laid for us in many areas of our lives. We want an extraordinary lifestyle, filled with holidays, spontaneity, travel and adventure. Scrolling through Pinterest, we dream of the perfect house, shared with the perfect partner. In our walk with God, we crave extraordinary moments, filled with emotions and goosebumps, missing the ordinary miracles that fill every breath we take.

Maybe you do need a chance of place or an exciting adventure. But for many of us, we just need to look at our normal lives with fresh eyes. Our miracle children, filled with purpose, promise, fun and oddity. The house that we live in, divinely provided. The opportunity to work, with workers rights and safe conditions. Our spouse, imperfect yes but a good gift from our good Father. So today, choose to look at your ‘here’ with fresh eyes, grateful heart and glad lips.

Prince of Peace

Everlasting Father

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