CBN’s Orphans promise partnered with Christian Faith Ministries to provide school fees for children that come from regions once over-run by Boko Haram terrorists: schools, churches and homes were burnt down, parents killed. Orphan’s Promise helps the children, like Yahanasu. Yahanasu’s father was a Christian in Katsina state, a Muslim region. When he died her mother was remarried to a Muslim man, she and her children were forced back to Islam. Yaha was sent to her grandmother. Life was hard: Yaha sold salt and small provisions in the street from a tray carried on her head. She eventually ran away and somehow arrived at Christian Faith Home.

When she came she couldn’t stop smiling. She spoke no English and had never been to school: she had few fine motor skills as all she knew was to use a hoe or hawk goods. Last year Yaha began nursery class. She learned to hold a pencil, to recognise the alphabet. She helped care for her 4 year old classmates and learned quickly. Now 15, Yaha is in the pre-primary class and beginning to read. Yaha rejoices in Christian fellowship at CF Home in evening worship, loves church, and picks out phrases in her Hausa bible as she learns to read Hausa and English. She thanks God for bringing her to CF Home: for the chance for a future through education.

By our demonstration of love without enmity God turns lives around, giving hope of a better future. We pay fees in ordinary schools and the neighbours praise God for kindness. We have peace, even Muslim children coming to our Christian school. Muslims are searching for something different. Local mosques now preach peace and many Muslims are finding the Prince of Peace.

You can be a part of the amazing work that God is doing around the globe. To find out the easiest way to do so, go to www.cbneurope/donate.


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