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A Future Without Sound

JiaHao always loved being the centre of attention. His sister JiaJia explains, “Whenever I did karaoke, he ran over and took the microphone. And sang and danced around, like he was a famous rock star.” Mrs Wang adds, “He looked at JiaJia’s mouth and tried to copy what she was singing, but we couldn’t understand a word.” That’s because JiaHao was nearly deaf—and couldn’t hear or speak himself.

“The doctor said a plane taking off or a car’s horn right in front of him would sound like a whisper in his ears,” Mrs Wang weeps.

JiaJia says, “I asked my mum why my brother ignored me when I talked to him, and she said his ears were sick! But they were so small and soft. Sometimes I blew on them and I hugged him, hoping it would make him better.”

The Wangs worried about their son’s future. “How would JiaHao ever go to school? What about getting married?   How could he face a silent world his whole life?” asks Mr Wang.  “How painful!”

“How else would he be able to hear the Gospel and know who Jesus is?”

From Heartbreak to Joy

Mrs Wang shares, “People bullied him.  I heard them say, ‘JiaHao can’t say anything.  Is he a fool?’”

A doctor said six months of injections might fix his ears.  All it did was drain the Wang’s savings.  Then a friend gave JiaHao used hearing aids, but they didn’t fit. “They squeezed his ears together, and he still couldn’t hear well or communicate,” says Mr Wang. “He just heard a lot of noise and kept pulling them off.”

Mr Wang figured out it would take 20 years for the couple to save for new hearing aids, but they were determined to try.  Meanwhile, Mrs Wang started praying that God would do something sooner than that.

“How else would he be able to hear the gospel and know who Jesus is?” Mrs Wang asks.

Then a teacher told the Wangs about CBN, and we gave JiaHao hearing aids that fit.

“I thought, this must be the Lord answering prayers.  He touched the hearts of strangers—and now JiaHao can hear,” smiles Mrs Wang.

Mr Wang exclaims, “Finally our son can communicate like a normal person.  This makes my heart feel sweet as honey.”

Jia Jia concludes, “Now my brother is happy every day. We sing Christian songs. JiaHao understands the meaning of the words, and we can praise God together!”

“Now my brother is happy every day. We sing Christian songs…and we can praise God together”

Did you know? Stories like JiaHao’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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