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Conflict in Ukraine – A Horrifying New Reality

On February 24, at approximately 5:00am Kyiv time, President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation to “demilitarize and denationalize Ukraine.” A few minutes later, missile strikes began in major cities throughout Ukraine, including near the capital of Kyiv. Can you imagine the struggle and heartbreak victims of the conflict in Ukraine must be facing right now?

Since the beginning of the conflict with Russia eight years ago, Operation Blessing friends like you have been sending critical aid and life-changing surgeries to the besieged areas of Ukraine. Along with our partners on the ground, we’ve continued serving in the line of fire and dreaming of a long-awaited peace.

Crisis in Ukraine Turns to Full Scale War

Instead, last week the lives of Ukrainians like elderly Vira from the Donetsk region changed in the worst way imaginable! They now face a horrifying new reality. The regular artillery fire they had grown accustomed to enduring exploded into intensive shelling and missile strikes.

Suddenly they found themselves on the frontlines of a full-scale Russian invasion, caught in the throes of war. As you might have sadly guessed, by now many are wounded or dead. Many others have lost cherished loved ones, their homes, their livelihoods, and more.

Although hundreds of thousands of people have fled the conflict, some residents can’t. Some have ill parents who can’t be re-located. Others are tired of wandering and have chosen to settle in their basements. And many simply do not have the money to leave the war-affected zone.

That’s why we’re so grateful that thanks to the ongoing donations of faithful donors like you, we were able to immediately begin reaching out to embattled souls like Vira. Through our team on the ground in Ukraine and our partner organizations in the warzone, compassionate Operation Blessing donors are already making a huge difference.

“Compassionate Operation Blessing donors are already making a huge difference.”

Help for Ukraine During Russian Invasion

Our supporters are making it possible for us to supply food, hot meals, water, generators and fuel. In addition to the other life-saving supplies, these generators provide a priceless lifeline for families with no power to charge their phones. Without them, they would have no way to contact loved ones.

Together with our partners, we’re also supporting evacuees as they face untold challenges traveling to and surviving in new areas. As the situation continues to unfold, Operation Blessing commits to standing with victims of the conflict in Ukraine. We’re ready to help survivors and refugees any way we can.

As our OB President Gordon Robertson said, “Operation Blessing is committed to staying in Ukraine and helping the Ukrainian people for as long as possible. We continue to pray for the people of Ukraine.”

With your support we can continue this life-saving aid and do much more! No one knows when the war and its terrors will end, but you can provide a glimmer of hope in these dark times.

“With your support, we can continue this life-saving aid and do much more!”

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

You too can spread the love of Jesus to the people of Ukraine. Click below to donate today.


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