Drinking From Discarded Bottles – CBN provides fresh drinking water for Phea.

12-year-old Phea (pronounced Fay-ya) always looked for used plastic bottles, not to recycle, but to find the tiniest bit of water she could drink. 

“My mouth and throat are dry,” said Phea, “so even if the water in the bottle is a little yellow, I drink it.” 

“The village children told me that they saw Phea pick up a use bottle.  I was so shocked!” said Phea’s mom, Oeurn, with tear filled eyes. “But I don’t have the money to buy clean drinking water.” 

Every morning, Phea and her mom head to a river.  The water there is filthy and loaded with bacteria. 

“It looks red. It smells muddy too,” said Phea. “We boil it but it still makes us sick.” 

They have time for one trip in the morning before Phea goes to school. 

By the afternoon,  Phea was so thirsty she drank water from any source she could find—like an old canal.  By the time she got home, she was in agony. 

“It felt like I had insects inside my stomach. It hurt so much I was scared I was going to die,” she told CBN. 

“I was afraid I would lose her!” added her mom. “I begged my neighbour to lend me some money and I took her to the hospital.” 

Phea's family are celebrating having fresh, clean water.

CBN discovered the family’s need, and dug a well for them.  Those moments after the well was capped became a time of celebration as everyone got to taste the water!    

“It was so clear and delicious! The first time I tasted it I felt so happy!” – Phea.

Then we gave Phea and her mom a cow to raise and seeds to plant a garden.  With plenty of fresh drinking water from the new well, the vegetables quickly grew and provided a great harvest. Now they have income when Oeurn can’t find work helping other farmers.   

“I love our new garden and cow so much,” said Phea.  

“I will never forget what CBN did. Thank you forever!” added Oeurn. 

Phea is drinking fresh, clean water.

Your gift could go towards helping people like Phea all over the UK and Europe, providing vital care, when and where it is needed most.

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