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Standing by Survivors Long After Disaster Strikes

One of the most amazing things about our supporters around the globe is that they stand with disaster victims—not only in the days right after a tragedy, but also for weeks, months, and in some cases even years to come! When an earthquake struck Haiti last year, our global partners reached out immediately. They continued to follow up with important aid as the victims worked to rebuild their lives. Their faithful giving is helping survivors long after disaster strikes.

Immediate Response

The CBN Operation Blessing team on the ground in Haiti began reaching out with love and support soon after the disaster struck. A sweet little boy (known as Junior) and his family were among the first to receive compassionate care.

When their home crumbled, young Junior was trapped in the rubble. His father, Vincent, described the moment they realised he was missing. “My wife was screaming with fear. I went back inside the house, and I saw the child on the floor. I ran to him. He was covered with blood. I removed him from under the blocks and carried him out.”

With the entire nation in chaos, there seemed no way to get treatment for Junior as his wounds became infected. Then CBN’s Operation Blessing showed up on the scene, thanks to our global partners. The medical staff took wonderful care of the little boy. They treated him, washing and dressing his cuts, giving him a thorough checkup, and providing the medical supplies he needed. They also gave the family food and other urgently needed supplies. Junior’s family was so grateful for the help!

“Junior’s family was so grateful for the help!”

Over the Next Weeks

During the following weeks, the CBN Operation Blessing Haiti team offered continued disaster relief. They reached out with food, hygiene and medical supplies, and clean water. They went to great lengths to support remote, hard-to-reach villages, distributing over 10,000 pounds of food alone.

A team of international CBN Operation Blessing aid workers also arrived in Haiti once travel was possible. They joined with a group of doctors from the Israeli-based organisation, NATAN International Humanitarian Aid.

Together these teams treated over 1,000 patients suffering from trauma, contusions, and stomach issues. They also provided chlorine generators and water filters when clean water remained hard to come by. The team continued to go to great lengths to reach people in need, including travelling by boat to a small island village.

As life began to normalise, supplies were provided to help get Haitian kids back into class following the tragedy. Hundreds of children were given school kits that included books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and backpacks. As CBN’s OB doctor, Jenny Darrgust, said, “We are always here with a big heart to help the people.”

“They went to great lengths to offer support to remote, hard-to-reach villages, distributing over 10,000 pounds of food alone.”

Long Term Care

Of course, long after a natural disaster strikes, the needs continue. Rebuilding can take months or even years as victims struggle to restore their lives. And thanks to our global partners, CBN’s Operation Blessing continued to respond to these long-term needs, helping survivors long after disaster strikes.

Several months after the initial quake, a shipping container arrived on Haitian shores to replenish supplies and support ongoing relief efforts. It was filled with food, hygiene products, and other disaster relief items. An orphanage school was even rebuilt as partners helped provide the construction materials needed.

Pastor Jean Valcourt of the orphanage said, “The school was broken. We didn’t have a place to receive the children. And now we thank God because the Lord answered our prayers, and you came to support us in Haiti. I really appreciate you.”

Despite the turmoil facing Haitians right now, thanks to global partners, CBN’s Operation Blessing continues to demonstrate God’s love to the people of Haiti.

“An orphanage school was even rebuilt as partners helped provide the construction materials needed.”

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our global partners.

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