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Ukraine Transition House

CBN’s Humanitarian Aid & Relief

We are so blessed to be able to support this incredible transition house for girls in Ukraine. Covid-19 has stopped lot’s of things, but the desperate need for a safe home to live in is still very much continuing.

It is because of our faithful partners that we are able to support these girls and give them a safe home, food, care and education. Read on to find out more about the Ukraine transition house!

Giving Girls A New, Safe Life

Two years ago, the Mukachevo transition house for girls was opened in Ukraine with support from CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. Now it’s a home for five girls who grew up in very stressful environments without parental care, often without a safe roof over their heads and even food, every day of their lives were a battle for survival.  

But thanks to the CBN’s Orphan’s Promise partners, today they have everything they need to grow and study safely. Not long ago, Ania came to the transition house as a wounded and embittered teenager.  

Ania told us, “When I came here, I was an angry and dishonest person. I didn’t like discipline and refused to follow the rules.” 

After a year of living in the transition house, Ania changed completely. Here she found everything she could dream of. More meals, a cosy house and the opportunity to study.  

Most of all, Ania was deeply touched by the love and care she received from her mentors. It transformed her from a tough teenager to a friendly, caring girl who is always ready to help and cannot ignore the need and pain of others.  

I am very thankful that I was accepted here,” said Ania.If I didn’t come here, I can’t even imagine what kind of a person I would be by now. For sure not who I am today, I would wander the streets aimlessly. I changed being around you. You gave me something I had never had before.

Today our world is going through a difficult time. The coronavirus pandemic led many people into depression. They don’t know what to do and what to expect in the future. But, here in the transition house, the girls being raised with love and the word of God are filled with hope and faith. They’re not scared like many others are, they’ve learnt to deal with life challenges.  

Ania said, “Every day looking out the window, I see older people walking down the street without face masks and gloves. They look scared, they need to be protected and I think to myself, we can make the masks and it will help people because there’s no place they can buy those now. But we can sow them. I am so excited; it feels like I have butterflies in my stomach thinking that I can help somebody.”  

With the support of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, a sowing workshop was set up in the house. It stays busy every day. Inspired by this opportunity, the girls have not stopped improving their skills. Today they are already taking on large orders from the city hospitals, producing more than 100 face masks every day. 

In the middle of this difficult time, Anna and the other girls make so many people in their city smile with their openness in love. The face masks, bags of food and personal hygiene packs all helps save people’s lives. But when the girls with hunger and suffering from their own pasts are the ones sharing the goods with love and God’s blessings, peoples hope gets restored and they start to believe that the hard times will soon be over. 

Will you support this incredible project during Covid-19?

We are sure you’ll agree, these girls are an inspiration to many. The transition house has transformed these girls and given them a new hope for the future. And now they are sharing the love of Jesus to their community by making and handing out face masks, bags of food and hygiene packs! Will you partner with us today to see this life-changing project continue?

Did you know? Projects like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

You too can spread the love of Jesus to more girls through this project. Learn More


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