Take on Challenge 2021

Join the cause, take on Challenge 2021 and fundraise for CBN Europe.

It’s your choice. Your challenge. With one purpose.


Take on the Challenge 2021 and help us share the Gospel in over 70 languages.


Choose your challenge

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What is Challenge 2021

Challenge 2021 is about pushing yourself to achieve something new whilst by raising support for CBN Europe. Set yourself a goal to achieve this January. It takes 21 Days to form a new habit, so let’s act now.

Maybe you can take a 21 minute bike ride every day for 21 days, or spend that time with God. Maybe you can learn a new language.

Whatever you choose, make a change, get some supporters and together, we can make a difference all around the world.


Why you need to take up the Challenge

In this pandemic, many are facing hunger, desperation, poverty and insecurity like never before. CBN Europe has touched thousands of lives across UK and Europe however the need is ever growing. We need you to come alongside, fundraise and make a difference.

Together, we can take action and bring hope to many who have been hit hardest by this pandemic. Your valued fundraising efforts could provide children, families and wider communities with critical hygiene, food, practical help and hope for the future.

Join Challenge 2021. Share Challenge 2021. Be the positive change for 2021.

Unlimited ways to get involved

The sky’s the limit. Create your own challenge around the number 21 or 2021. Do whatever you want to raise funds for CBN Europe, making sure it follows all social distancing guidelines. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Physical Challenges: walk/jog/cycle 1.2 miles every 21 days to cover the distance of a marathon; walk/jog/cycle for 21 minutes over each day in January; Zumba/HIIT for 21 minutes over 21 days in January.
  • Learn A New Language: Commit to spending 21 minutes a day in January to learning a new language.
  • Break/Create A Habit: Did you know it takes 21 days to break or create a habit? If there is a habit you need to create or break, why not take up the challenge and invite 21 people to support and sponsor you to do so?
  • For The Crafty Folk: knit, crochet, sew, paint or draw up to 21 pieces of art. Write a message and give it away to your friends/family with the invitation for a donation towards CBN Europe. Or donate them to CBN Europe where we will include them in our Hope Boxes.
  • Save Those Pennies: Whilst working from home, could you put the cost of travelling to/from work as a donation towards CBN Europe?
  • Say NO to Takeaways: Over a period of 21 days, commit to making home-cooked meals instead of ordering takeaway meals. Donate the costs of the takeaways towards CBN Europe.

Start Fundraising

Join the cause, take on Challenge 2021 and fundraise for CBN Europe.

It’s your choice. Your challenge. With one purpose.


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