by Charmain Hibberd

Creative Media Coordinator, CBN Europe


Man of Sorrows 

How heart-breaking it is to read that our Saviour had to face the most grueling hour of His life alone. Carrying the cross by Himself.

I can only imagine the loneliness that Jesus must have felt that day.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was a man of sorrows, acquainted with the deepest grief (see Isaiah 53:3). He knew what it was to be in pain. He knew what it was to suffer.

The beautiful thing about Jesus is that, though He suffered more than any of us can think or imagine, He does not belittle our pain or our suffering.

The Reality of Calvary

In the film Passion of the Christ we see a very honest depiction of what it meant for Jesus to carry His own cross. We see the weight of the cross bearing down upon His body as he dragged it up the hill towards Calvary and the pain of each time he stumbled and fell on his way to his destination.

Can you imagine it?


Another painful part of Jesus’ crucifixion is the sign that was posted above His head – ‘Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews’.

This sign, this label, intended to torment Him, carried an extra sting because Jesus knew that it was true. He IS the King. And yet His accusers used this title to torture Him further.

What label do you carry?

What has been written over your life that torments and tortures you?





Whatever it is, know that Jesus, our Saviour, nailed it to the cross once and for all.

He endured the cruelest of crosses so that we don’t have to.

It is tempting to want to avoid dwelling on the brutality of the crucifixion. But I believe that in fully allowing ourselves to contemplate the loneliness, mocking, pain and suffering of it all, we can enter a place of even greater gratitude and adoration for our Saviour.


Q1. What does today’s scripture reveal to you?

Q2. What cross do you carry daily?

Q3. How can you remind yourself that Jesus overcame all things – including your cross?

He endured the cruelest of crosses so that we don’t have to.

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