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Learning to Live in Freedom

In the Old Testament there’s a story about the Israelites, how, after they’d left their place of slavery and ventured into freedom towards the promised land, they began remembering some interesting things.

They remembered how comfortable they were, how well-fed and cared for they were, how enjoyable life was back then. It’s interesting…because none of that was true! The reality was, they were worked ruthlessly, their lives were made bitter and cruel and they suffered with a broken spirit.

How was it possible that they remembered something completely different? Let me offer a few suggestions: 

When you make it to the top of the mountain and you’ve overcome your addiction, you’re presented with a vast new scenery before you. It can look overwhelming and intimidating leaving you feeling fearful of the unknown, especially if addiction is all you’ve known for many years.

At that pinnacle moment, you can either trust in the promises of God or let fear envelope you. The Israelites looked at a new scenery and allowed fear to have the loudest voice. When fear has the loudest voice, it opens up room for the enemy to whisper lies. 

When you make it to the top of the mountain and you’ve overcome your addiction, you’re presented with a vast new scenery before you

The enemy wants nothing more than for you to return to what once enslaved you. That’s what he wanted for the Israelites. So, what does he do best?

In a moment of difficulty, fear and the unknown he twists the truth and convinces them that their slavery was actually freedom, their pain was joy and their hardship was comfort. He wants the same for you, to remind you that the mountain was familiar and therefore comforting, that the chains kept you safe.  

Let God have the last word, let Jesus lead you in freedom and let the Spirit guide you into all truth. Jesus is the one who overcame, the one who goes before us and the one who said, “And surely I am with you to the very end of the age.” (Matt 28:20).

As we’ve already learnt, we’re renewed by our thinking, so we should protect our minds. Memories shouldn’t hold us down; they should propel us forward. Let me offer you a way to do this. 


Write down what it’s like to live in addiction, how it feels, who it impacts and what life is like. Then write down what Jesus has done for you, write down His promises of abundant life, the fullness of joy, and your new status of ‘free’ in Him.

In a moment of fear, when the enemy tries to whisper lies into your life, hold up those truths like a banner. Proclaim: “This is what my addiction was really like but through Jesus, my new life is now where I will live for all my days.”  

Tomorrow we rest. 

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