Joel Singleton

Digital & Church Partnerships Coordinator


Time is one of our most precious resources. Once a moment has passed, it can never be brought back. An even greater truth about this resource is that it’s a gift. One that we’re to steward well. Knowing what stewardship is, we can understand that time is a gift from God that we are supposed to use to flourish. We are to use the time He’s given to us for good things, for fruitful things. 

The first step to this is seeking His Kingdom, not all those other things we need (or want). That’s our pattern. The time He’s gifted to you to steward is to be used to devote yourself to His Kingdom, and as you do that, you’ll find He provides what you need. Then you will find you are living in God’s blessing. 

Often the first hurdle is to change your mindset around who your time belongs to. If you believe that it belongs to you, then your primary focus and priority will be to do the things that make you the happiest. Seeking His Kingdom first becomes something you’ll try to fit into your day. And you won’t walk in the freeing truth that, ‘the earth is the LORD’s and everything in it.’  

He created us, blessed us, and invites us to flourish.

From experience, I know this mindset doesn’t lead to the abundance of life. Because abundant life is found in Jesus and this mindset doesn’t have Him at the centre. Often, a fear that people might have is, what if I put Him first and He asks me to give up this (good and enjoyable) thing? Sometimes He might, but if you know Him, you’ll know He wants your best way more than you do. Sometimes He wants to test you to see if He’s your priority or if you are. Other times, you have to trust Him that that thing won’t be good for you in the long run. Yet, He may, once you’ve prioritised Him and His Kingdom, give it back, knowing it can be a blessing. The main thing to remember, is that the One who holds abundant life is also the One who wants you to have it.  

He created us, blessed us, and invites us to flourish.  


How can you learn to let go of ‘your’ time and make Him and His Kingdom your priority today? 

Tomorrow we will look at ‘Relationships’.  

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