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Single and Accountable 

Now, this may seem like an odd transition when talking about singleness but go with me… 

We all have blind spots in our lives, and in our characters. 

We may have a tendency to respond with an attitude when challenged. 

We may have the habit of slipping into laziness and apathy when we’re not reading our Bibles and praying. 

We all have these areas of our lives that could be called our weak spots, but I believe that they are areas for development and opportunity…when we are accountable. 

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:6 (CSB version): 

‘The wounds of a friend are trustworthy.’ 

The Passion Translation of the Bible puts it like this: 

You can trust a friend who wounds you with his honesty.’ 

Who do you have speaking into your life with honesty? 

Accountability goes two ways. Not only do you have a trusted leader or friend looking at your life and responding with some helpful and constructive feedback, but you also have yourself.  

This kind of brutal honesty leads to character-building and personal growth.  

Now, for accountability to really bear fruit, you need to be honest with your accountability partner, some might even say dangerously honest. This mean sharing all of the things that you would rather keep in the dark and to yourself.  

This kind of brutal honesty leads to character-building and personal growth.  

Accountability is not all about baring your soul and having uncomfortable conversations, you also get to share the ups and downs of your current single season. It gives you a safe place to be honest about where you are and how you are feeling, receiving compassionate (hopefully!) feedback and support.  

Without accountability in our lives, it can be easy to drift into the aforementioned spaces of negativity in our lives – bad attitudes, apathy, and the like.  

Why not try it? You may find that it is one of the strongest moves you have made in the effort to become the best version of yourself.  

Father God, 

Whilst we are in a single season, we have plenty of time to work on ourselves, our character and our personal growth. Lord, please help me to find a strong accountability partner who I respect and look up to who can give me some honest feedback on my life. I pray that it bears fruit and leads me to becoming a better follower of Jesus and gift to my future spouse. 

In Jesus’ name, 


Next step – You’ve got it! Prayerfully find an accountability partner and begin to share honestly with them. 

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