Emily Barton, Communications Co-ordinator, CBN Europe
by Emily Barton

Superbook Assistant, CBN Europe

The Ten Commandments

Hi there! It’s me, Chris!

Whenever I’m at home and away from school, my Mum gives me so much stuff to do! I thought being at home was supposed to be super fun, but my Mum is making me do my homework!

At first, I thought it was really boring and that her rules weren’t fair! But just like those park rules in the episode of Superbook – ROAR! – God’s rules are there to keep us safe and help us. My mum has made rules to make sure I’m safe and still learning, and God’s rules have been carefully made to protect me.

Sometimes I forget it though, so I use this SuperVerse to remind me of God’s goodness:  

“But continue to obey the teachings Moses gave you. That law is to love the Lord your God and obey his commands. Continue to follow him and serve him the very best you can.” 

– Joshua 22:5 (ICB) 

This verse always helps me to remember that, although rules might seem boring or silly, they are there to keep us safe and protect us.  

Your SuperChallenge today is to sit down with your family and write 3 rules down that you will promise not to break! In my house, our 3 rules are:  

1) Say only kind words.  

2) Always listen to Mum and Dad.  

3) I can play with Joy and Gizmo, but only after I’ve finished my schoolwork.   

I hope this helps. See you soon!

Chris 🙂

God’s rules have been carefully made to protect me.  

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