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As we continue this journey through Proverbs, we see again a recurring theme regarding the interactions between parents and children.  

Verse 7 says, ‘The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him.’ 

This verse makes me think about King David. He always comes to mind when I think of a righteous man (other than Jesus himself), because even with all the mistakes made in his life, he is known in perpetuity as a man after God’s own heart. 

We then see the fruit of that in his son’s life. As Solomon takes on leadership of the kingdom, he is blessed with incredible riches, is able to build the temple, but is also blessed having seen his father pursue relationship with God. I don’t see it as coincidence at all that when the Lord visited Solomon in a dream, Solomon’s one request was for wisdom. (See 1 Kings 3:4-15). 

I believe that the life his father – David – lived showed him the weight that ruling a kingdom carried, but also how a life centred on God made that responsibility possible.  

As we live lives in pursuit of Jesus, our children reap the blessings spiritually as well as tangibly. This was brought home to me this week, when one of my children was on the receiving end of another toddler’s tantrum. They have a bruise to prove it. 

Our day-to-day life affects so much more than we think.

It reminded me of the importance – the gravity even – of what we model to our children. As I attempt to display righteousness and blamelessness in my life, I model a godly way of living that will bless my children as they aim to replicate it. 

In verse 11 the proverb goes on to say, ‘Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right. 

However, we – as parents and as people of influence over those around us – set the bar. We want those we are alongside or over to be known as good, kind and loving, as these verses remind us, we can empower them with a godly example.  

Our day-to-day life affects so much more than we think. As you make the choice to read this devotional today, to put godly character as a central pursuit in your life, know that you are creating a blessed legacy for your children. Push into that blameless walk and celebrate as your children receive blessings because of it.   

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