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Charmain Hibberd

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Beating Worry

Jesus did not leave us alone in our worry. He knew that we would face it and has given us a process to follow when it arrives in our lives. We are not left helpless. The Bible holds great wisdom for times of worry. 

Pause to read Philippians 4:6-7. 

How wonderful! We literally have a formula for worry written right into scripture! 

Worry + Prayer (Needs + Thanksgiving) = Peace. 

When the bill comes – pray. Thank God for your income and all that He has already done in your financial life.  

When they’re still not home yet – pray. Thank God for the relationship and the love that you share. 

When your child has their first day at nursery – pray. Thank God for the gift of a child and the provision of nursery care.  

And then, once you have prayed and thanked and submitted your needs, allow the peace that only God can provide to wash over you. 

It may not come immediately, you may need to press into God through prayer, but it will come. God has promised it. 

It can be tempting when we are worried to reach for the phone or share our worries with another person. There is a time and place for this. But the best way to overcome worry is to go to God first. Not only does this honour Him and, I’m sure, bless Him, but it prevents us from allowing the worry to increase. 

Worry + Prayer (Needs + Thanksgiving) = Peace. 

God cares, friends. He wants us to come to Him rather than sit in the endless space of worry. (Read 1 Peter 5:7) 

The wonderful thing about the equation we have discovered in scripture is that we can apply it anywhere, anytime. When our faith is based on a relationship, not a religion, we know that we have access to God, through prayer, whenever worry arises. 

Worry + Prayer (Needs + Thanksgiving) = Peace. 

Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of the joy that today holds. Take your cares to Jesus and allow Him to fill you with peace.  

Next Steps: 

As with day 1, we are going to commit a key Bible verse to memory to help us combat worry.  

Read Philippians 4:6-7. Keep going until it becomes familiar.  

Now, whenever you experience worry, you will have a choice of scripture to help you in the moment.  

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