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A Miracle In The Roma Community

Many in the Roma communities in Leskovac, Serbia, don’t have access to education. They don’t have the opportunities that others do that education can provide. This can often make the growth and progress of a community suffer. But thanks to our partners of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, a miracle of provision has given more than just hope, it’s opened up a doorway for a generation to impact the world. Read on to hear more. 

A Cursed and Hopeless Place

In Leskovac, Serbia, there is a house used as a rubbish dump. For many years the rubbish has piled up as the Roma communities added more and more. Not only was this house a rubbish dump, but it was known for being a place that was cursed. Prior to CBN’s Orphan’s Promise work, the idea that this house could be transformed into anything else wouldn’t have seemed possible. 

Alongside this, education amongst these communities was non-existent. Without education, communities can often remain in a poverty cycle. Their lifestyle can lead to a shorter life-span and they can be void of hope with no chance to pursue their passions. These communities can often feel ostracised and left to fend for themselves.  

This was the culture felt and lived in by the Roma communities in Serbia.  

“These communities can often feel ostracised and left to fend for themselves.” 

World Changers

Yet, as God often does, He answered the heartfelt prayers of His people. Misha, CBN’s Orphan’s Promise Coordinator for Serbia, shares this incredible news: 

So, we had on our hearts a pre-school program for many years. But now thanks to Orphan’s Promise and the Lord we are able to actually do that.” 

He shares, “What’s happening here, is truly a miracle.” 

Thanks to our partner’s generosity, CBN’s OP, utterly transformed the cursed home used as a rubbish dump. Misha says, “Look at it now, it is absolutely beautiful. It is no longer a place of curse; now everybody knows that this is a place of blessing.” 

Where, before, education was a huge burden, Misha joyfully exclaims, “We will have two groups of kids who are going to come here every single day. A trained teacher who is going to work with them and teach them the Serbian language, basic maths, and many other things. But also teach them Bible lessons and good character that comes only from God. So, this is a beautiful miracle and such a blessing to the community.” 

“The kids are going to come here and be world changers. They will change the face of our nation. They’re going to bring education to many and serve as a beautiful testimony and example to what God and God’s people, by investing, can produce.” 

“I just want to thank you in the name of my Church, in the name of the Roma communities here in Leskovac. I want to thank you for making a dream come true. We have dreamt about this for many many years.” 

“Now everybody knows that this is a place of blessing.”

Did you know? Stories like this are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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