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Hi! My name is Gizmo, I am a robot on a mission to see the lives of children all over the world changed by Jesus’s love.  

The next stop on my global tour is to meet an incredible mum called Tatyana who introduced Superbook to her son Alexandr. She discovered Superbook when she was a child and passed on her love for the series to the next generation. The truths of the Bible really are timeless!

Alexandr’s mum, Tatyana, had always wanted to share her story of how God found her through the Superbook ministry. Tatyana was born in 1983 and grew up during the years of Perestroika when the original Superbook episodes were first aired on television. She was immediately drawn to the stories depicted in the episodes, as her family did not read the Bible, and these stories were new to her.

At the end of each Superbook episode, there was an invitation to order a brochure called “The Life of Jesus Christ”. One day, Tatyana decided to write a letter to the specified address to order the brochure. After waiting patiently, the postman finally brought her the long-awaited envelope with the brochure. Tatyana was overjoyed as she read through the story of the life and suffering of Jesus Christ and found a prayer of repentance at the end of the book. She knelt down and began to pray with tears in the words she had just read.

This is how the Lord Jesus found Tatyana and brought salvation to her at the young age of 7 through the Superbook ministry. Eight years later, when she was 15, Tatyana started attending a local church of Christian Baptists. And at the age of 16, she made a covenant with the Lord through baptism and began her journey with Him.

From 2010 until the present day, Tatyana has served the Lord as an employee of the Children’s Evangelism Society in Moldova. God also blessed her with three sons, each of whom watched Superbook and learned about the Lord. Tatyana’s youngest son, who is now seven years old, still enjoys watching the new series of Superbook and playing games in the Superbook Kids Bible app.

Through her own experience, Tatyana is a firm believer that children can sincerely believe in the Lord and accept Christ as their Saviour. She believes that it is important to start evangelising children as early as possible and is grateful for the Superbook ministry for being a tool that brought her to the Lord.

“With all my heart, I wish you abundant blessings in what you do for the glory of our Father!” Shares Tatyana.

“Through her own experience, Tatyana is a firm believer that children can sincerely believe in the Lord and accept Christ as their Saviour.”

I love seeing the joy of Superbook passed from generation to generation, and still making an impact! The good news of Jesus should be passed on to everyone we meet, and it is excellent that Superbook can bring the Bible in a fun way to whole families! 

I’m off on my next adventure. Follow me on social media to see where I go next! 

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