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Challenge 2021 – Hope Boxes – Croatia

This year, our CBN office in Croatia has been partnering with the local church to make a difference in Croatia, reaching out to their community with boxes of hope in these challenging times.

There are many families who are living in below-standard housing and also struggling to find enough resources to feed their loved ones.

It has truly been a blessing to be able to assist the vulnerable members of the local communities in East Croatia.

Boxes of Hope

Between the four locations that we visited; we have been able to distribute over 50 hope boxes to people in need of support. Boxes include necessities such as food and hygiene supplies and have been gratefully received. 

Distributing these hope boxes has meant that we have connected with new families who were not previously connected to the Church, on one occasion we were even able to pray with one such family.  

Some families had never experienced receiving help and support and so felt very loved and respected.  


A powerful testimony from the project comes from Silvija and her family of three children, Maja, Ivica and Vanessa. They all live in rented accommodation which is on very poor condition. Silvija tragically lost her husband 4 years ago and no assets were transferred to her to help with raising her children. 

Silvija doesn’t receive much by way of funds and works during the summer in the fields to try and boost her income. However, this summer Silvija fell ill and was unable to work in the fields, leaving her and her family in an even more difficult situation. The families only additional source of income came from selling the extra eggs that their 30 chickens produced.  

Despite her living circumstances, Silvija does a fantastic job of raising her children. Her only emphasis is on wanting the to receive a quality education and become independent adults one day.  

Silvija and the children were appreciative of the hope box they received; it came just in time.  

Between the four locations that we visited; we have been able to distribute over 50 hope boxes to people in need of support.


Another family that benefited from the hope boxes were Carolina and her son Mario. Sadly, Mario struggles with his mental health due to the stress of losing his father. Carolina does her best to care for Mario although she also needs to work to meet their needs and to live.  

Carolina works hard either in the field or as a cleaner. She also has a vegetable garden that she uses to feed herself and Mario.  

Carolina is a very humble woman who received her hope box with deep gratitude. She is a faith-filled woman and is grateful for every prayer. 

How can I help?

Aside from donating to the CBN Europe Operation Blessing ministry, prayer is another key way that you can support this incredible ministry: 

  • Pray for strength and wisdom as we continue this great work. Pray for people to be open to the Gospel as it is shared freely with the hope boxes.  
  • Pray for the families who receive the hope boxes, that they would truly feel hopeful as they receive their support and that it would encourage faith in them.  
  • Pray for those that we meet for the first time, that they would be equally open to the Gospel which has the power to transform their lives.  
  • Pray for Sinisha, the Pastor who leads the church involved with this project. Sinisha and his family have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in need of healing.  

Did you know? Stories like these are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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