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From Loss to Baptism: My Journey with Superbook

Hi! My name is Gizmo, I am a robot on a mission to see the lives of children all over the world changed by Jesus’s love.  

The next stop on my global tour is to visit my friend Jacob! Jacob has just recently got baptised, and it was Superbook that helped him understand what baptism was all about. How Super is that? 

Standing Firm Against the Current

The journey of losing a parent at a young age can be challenging for any child. However, in today’s world, pre-teens face additional obstacles with the advent of fast internet and a million ‘influencers’ pulling them in different directions at any given moment. It can be tough to navigate this maze of information and find a firm anchor to hold onto.  

That’s why Jacob’s story of finding faith in Superbook is so inspiring. Now 12, Jacob lost his dad when he was just four years old. As he and his mum came to faith in the wake of loss, he found comfort and guidance in the animated characters Gizmo, Chris, and Joy, who have been a constant presence in his life since he started watching six years ago. Watching their adventures, Jacob learned timeless Bible truths and life lessons that apply to his everyday challenges. Through the characters’ experiences, he has learned how to cope with difficult situations and find peace in challenging times.  

While every online game and social interaction opens the door to media influencers pushing different messages and values, another challenge pre-teens face is peer pressure. It’s easy to get swayed in different directions or think everyone else is doing the newest thing. But Superbook has played a vital role in shaping Jacob’s values and helping him stay grounded in his faith. The lessons he has learned from the characters have helped him make wise choices and resist negative influences.  

At a critical point in his life, transitioning from a child into a teenager, Superbook has inspired Jacob, helping him discover his purpose and understand God’s plan for his life. Through the characters’ experiences, he has learned the importance of serving others and making a difference in the world but has also learned more personal lessons. Seeing the story of Jesus’ baptism by John (the Baptist) helped Jacob understand the importance of following Jesus’ example, so he asked to be baptised himself.   

Jacob’s journey of finding faith in Superbook exemplifies the power of timeless Bible truths and life lessons. In a world filled with challenges and distractions, it’s essential to have a firm anchor to hold onto. Superbook has been that anchor for Jacob, helping him navigate through grief, resist negative influences, and find his direction in life. It’s a powerful reminder that we can always find hope and guidance in God’s Word, no matter our challenges. 

“At a critical point in his life, transitioning from a child into a teenager, Superbook has inspired Jacob, helping him discover his purpose and understand God’s plan for his life.”

Is it not great that Superbook was there to help Jacob as started a journey of faith? I love seeing how Superbook can help people understand the power and importance of God’s word and how to apply it to their own lives!  

I’m off on my next adventure. Follow me on social media to see where I go next! 

Did you know? Stories like Jacob’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

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