Recent Impact

Media Ministry Impact

We are so grateful that, even amidst these challenging and unprecedented times, we have been able to continue to express the love of God through media. Whether it’s via print, social media or television, we have not stopped proclaiming the good news of Jesus and the hope that salvation brings.

Airwaves, Print and Social

God continues to move through the airwaves, meeting people in their homes and bringing the Gospel to their front doors. 

Rachel rang to thank our team and Pat Robertson for the miracle of healing that her husband has received. A member of our Hope Line team phoned Rachel to pray for Rachel’s husband’s swollen aorta to be healed. Following this, Pat had a word of knowledge on the 700 Club for someone who needed to be healed with this precise condition. Rachel was so grateful and thanked the 700 club and team for ministering to her and her husband. She said many times that she has phoned for prayer and has received healing. 

Celine also called to say that, as she watched 700 club on Good Friday, Gordon prayed and Celine knew the Lord was speaking directly to her. She had been having severe pain from a cyst down her right side. After the prayer, Celine was healed, the cyst had gone and she was free of pain! Praise our God! 

Brenda had a word spoken by Pat Robertson on TV that applied to them about a tumour type called Acromegaly, it was 15 feet in length when removed. Her husband also had a word spoken that a tumour that he had would shrivel and die. They went to the hospital for surgery and the tumour had already shrivelled and ceased to grow! 

God has been moving mightily through healing and words of knowledge on the 700 Club TV show, we are honoured to play a part in what the Lord is doing through media and know that this is only possible through the generosity of our partners and supporters.  

God continues to move through the airwaves, meeting people in their homes and bringing the Gospel to their front doors.

Tangible Growth

A few key statistics from our media increase: 

  • Since the start of the pandemic the demand on CBN programming for TV and IPTV has significantly increased. CBN programming is now airing in 17 languages across Europe on over 35 TV stations!  
  • On 31 May 2020, Superbook aired on Television for the first time in Portugal. Broadcast on RTP2 National TV channel, children watched Gizmo, Joy and Chris as they travelled through time to join David in his quest to defeat the giant Goliath. The program was broadcast in European Portuguese and also featured local hosts playing games with children. One viewer shared, “We invited a friend over to watch the broadcast. It was the first time she’d heard the gospel!” 
  • Dubbing of Superbook in new languages: Greek, Italian, European Portuguese, Slovenian, Serbian 
  • In February we launched CBN programming on Family 7 cable network in The Netherlands, reaching a large part of the country. The International 700 Club is subtitled into Dutch and Superbook Season 1 has been dubbed into Dutch. We also launched a new CBN website in Dutch language at www.cbnnederland.nl, where viewers can find out more about the ministry, submit their prayer requests and make a donation.  
  • Superbook continues to air on national secular TV channels in Poland, France, Portugal, Bulgaria and Hungary, reaching many children and families with the Gospel message. 

Praise God for the growth and remarkable increase that we are seeing across our media outlets. 

Your gift keeps on giving and can reach many for Jesus this Christmas. 

Testimony of Hope

God is not only using television to reach people with hope, our REACH magazine is making its way to homes and coffee tables across the country. 

Elaine shared how she had struggled for so many years to forgive the Father of her son who raped her. Elaine picked up the Reach magazine and read the article on Forgiveness one morning. She asked God for the grace and strength to forgive and made the choice to do it. Elaine wholeheartedly released that man from all bitterness and resentment after reading that article. Shortly after, her son’s Father died, but knowing he had been forgiven! God’s Grace knows no bounds. 

Equally, there has been powerful movement through our social media platforms. 

Bridget contacted us to say how much she was appreciative of the DEVO series and our other podcasts on social media. She commented that they really spoke to her, challenged her and encouraged her, giving her food for thought and prayer.
Bridget said, “They are brilliant for sharing too and I have done this with friends, of all faiths and none, who are struggling because I had confidence in the content. Its so relevant, accessible and of the right length for sharing. Brilliant and inspiring!

Once again, we recognise that it is a privilege to be a beacon of light and a port in the storm for people who are lacking hope in these days. Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who faithfully give into the ministry. We are seeing lives changed and eternities secured because of your generosity!

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to give into what CBN Europe is doing, why not consider giving a gift of hope this year? Your gift keeps on giving and can reach many for Jesus this Christmas. 

Did you know? Media ministry at CBNE is only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

You too can spread the love of Jesus to more people through television, print and social media. Learn More


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