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Imagine you’re a single mum, raising 4 kids in Albania. Winter is coming and you live in a tent because an earthquake just destroyed your home. Shahay and her family were in desperate need of help, so CBN’s Operation Blessing stepped in and provided clothes, shoes, food and a brand new heater and hot plate for cooking! Read on to find out how with CBN’s help, Shahay’s family are recovering from an earthquake.

Terrified They Would Be Burried In The Ruins

“I thought the building was going to collapse and we were going to be buried in the ruins. The plaster of the ceiling was coming down and I couldn’t see anything. The noise was like cracking bones, I was terrified!” Said Shahay.

When Operation Blessing arrived in her village, we provided Shahay and her children some help.  

First, we took them shopping, and bought them new winter coats and boots. The pastor said they had never been shopping before!

Shahay said “I needed shoes for my kids because their feet get wet. I love that they now have shoes to wear and their feet are warm.”

We also gave the family a box of food, other household supplies along with a new propane heater and a hot plate for cooking. The kids enjoyed the heater as winter arrived.

“I want to thank everybody that helped us. It’s not just the food and other things, it’s the love I received from you. Thank you.” Said Shahay.

“I needed shoes for my kids because their feet get wet. I love that they now have shoes to wear and their feet are warm.”

Thankful For The Help Received

Shahay and her family are so thankful for the help they have received from CBN, but none of this would have been possible without the help of our faithful partners. Today, would you consider giving into many more families affected by disaster’s such as this one? If you feel prompted to give, simply click on the button below.

Did you know? Stories like Shahay’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

Join the thousands of CBN Partners who are bringing the love of God to millions of hurting people every day. Learn More


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