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Thanks to global CBN partners, Kiran’s life in India has changed dramatically. “Nobody in my family loved me or even thought about me. I was always overlooked,” she said. Then, Kiran watched Superbook at a CBN’s Orphan’s Promise after-school program and accepted Jesus as her Saviour.

It wasn’t long before Kiran’s mother also gave her life to Christ. “Kiran used to come home and tell me about the Superbook stories, her prayers, and what Jesus Christ spoke to her,” said her mother. “I slowly started understanding the love of God.”

“I prayed to God to give me love, blessing, and His mercy,” said Kiran. “His love changed my life and gave me a new hope and inspiration to live a good life.”

“I slowly started understanding the love of God.” 

Did you know? Stories like Kiran’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our global partners.

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