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The Power of Prayer: How Superbook Changed Khushi’s Life

Greetings friends!! Or, as they say here in Rajasthan in India – Khamma Ghani. My name is Gizmo; I am a robot on a mission to see the lives of children all over the world changed by Jesus’s love. My first stop on my global tour is to see my friend Khushi, a world changer who’s only ten years old! She really shows that you don’t have to be big to see giant miracles happen! 

Speaking of giants… I have a fun fact; did you know that Rajasthan is home to the world’s largest stone sundial?! There’s a great story in the Bible about a giant and a small boy, and Khushi’s story reminds me of David and Goliath because she is one small person, praying really big prayers and seeing amazing answers!

A Spreading Fire

The School of Light in Rajasthan, India, is an after-school project that is part of a larger program run by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise in many countries worldwide. This initiative offers nutritional and educational support focusing on providing holistic care to at-risk children. As part of an ongoing discipleship program, we also have the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus through Superbook. Here, Khushi discovered a new life and a beautiful gift in Jesus.

After watching one of the regular showings of Superbook, Khushi learned to become a prayer warrior.

“I love to watch Superbook episodes. Superbook and the teachers here taught me to believe in God and to pray for everyone,” she said. Her new life of prayer began immediately back at home with her parents, who didn’t yet know Jesus. Not only were Khushi’s parents covered in prayer, but her teacher also visited the house and began to share God’s Word and reveal the truth about Jesus.

“Khushi used to come home and tell us about the Superbook stories. We learned that Jesus said, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ I slowly developed faith in God and started meditating on the Word of God. This gave me peace of mind. My husband and I finally decided to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour,” shares Khushi’s mum.

Things certainly didn’t slow down for Khushi. Having seen the incredible change in her parents and the visible power of prayer, she began praying for other people. One of those was her neighbour’s daughter, who she knew was sad and depressed. Khushi shares, “I began to pray for her because that’s what Superbook taught me to do.”

“I was married for eight years, but I never had a baby. People said such bad things about me that I avoided going out or I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Then I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and I thank God for this miracle and I thank Khushi for praying for me.”

Khushi’s faith and prayer life continued to grow.

“I began to pray for her because that’s what Superbook taught me to do.”

The Provision of God

Khushi and her family were living in a slum at the time. As poor as the conditions were, it was home for them. Khushi shares, “One day, I heard that our home was going to be demolished, so I prayed.” Through prayer and action, her family enrolled in a government-run housing assistance programme. Aware that very few families were helped through the programme, they prayed all the more.

Khushi’s mum said, “We all prayed for a home…our family was chosen and God blessed us with a brand new house!”

Joyful and full of excitement, Khushi thanked God for this gift. Having seen Him move in such powerful ways, she desires to become a Gospel singer to spread the Word of God. “I enjoy playing piano for God’s glory and I love worshipping Jesus Christ.”

All of this began with the Orphan’s Promise after-school programme and Superbook!

“I am so happy that Superbook has given me and my family a beautiful life filled with joy and peace, thank you so much Superbook!”

“All of this began with the Orphan’s Promise after-school programme and Superbook!”

Isn’t it great how Khushi learned the truth of the Bible through Superbook and prayed so faithfully that she saw miracles and salvations. My mission around the world is to see more and more kids hear the good news of Jesus and the Bible, so they can grow in their faith just like Khushi.

Learn how you can help me take a GIANT step towards my mission by visiting today.

I’m off now on my next big adventure –follow me on social media to see where I go next!

Did you know? Stories like Kushi’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our global partners.

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