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Transformed By Superbook

We are delighted that our Superbook ministry continues to transform the lives of children – and adults – across the globe, every day.

Ice, a shy 10-year-old from Thailand, was so bashful that he didn’t want to go to a fun event with his sister. Finally, he mustered the courage to go. Then, something amazing happened to Ice. See the formerly shy boy tell the story! 

Shy and Unsure

Every Sunday morning, 10-year-old Ice and his sister watched as kids hopped on a bus for a nearby Sunday school class where they live in Thailand. 

Because he was shy, Ice held back.  

“I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t sure what they were going to do there,” says Ice. 

Ice’s sister decided to go and then told him about it later.  

“I said, Superbook is fun! I know you’ll have fun too,” said Ice’s sister. 

Ice finally overcame his fear and went to class.  

Superbook made me want to keep going back to Church,” says Ice. 

“Superbook made me want to keep going back to Church” – Ice

Just Like Gideon

One Sunday, Ice watched the Superbook episode about the life of Gideon. 

“I like Gideon because he was like me. He didn’t have any confidence in himself but he had confidence in God. So, he won the battle,” says Ice. 

At the end of that Superbook episode, Ice prayed to become a Christian.  

“I felt so much joy! Then I asked God to please give me courage like Gideon and help me not to be shy anymore,” Ice says. 

Ice overcame his shyness and began telling his classmates about Superbook 

“Everyone wanted to come,” Ice tells us. 

Ice even formed a bicycle club in his neighbourhood. Now the whole club rides to church together on Sunday mornings.  

Ice says, “God used Superbook to change my life! Thank you to the kind people who gave us Superbook!”

Did you know? Stories like Ice’s are only possible thanks to the donations of our partners.

You too can spread the love of Jesus to more people like Ice. Why not prayerfully consider giving a gift of hope this Christmas to help children like Ice meet their Saviour and find life in all its fullness? Learn More


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